Sarvabhouma Gurukulam (Class 1 to 10)
DISE CODE: 29100501027
Sarvabhouma Gurukulam PU College (PUC-I and PUC-II)
Code: QQ0125
Private Unaided
Medium of instruction: English

"If all the Bharatiyas become Bharatiyas in the true sense, the whole universe will be Bharath"

– Srimajjagadguru Shankaracharya
Sri Sri Raghaveshwara Bharati Mahaswamiji


Moulding the True Self

To sculpt the child into a great human being, a true Bharatiya and a staunch Hindu.

Self Reliance

To equip the student with necessary competence to earn her livelihood and lead a comfortable life by providing appropriate contemporary education.


To impart expertise in different frontiers of ancient Indian branches of knowledge and arts

Expertise in Arts

To discover the dancer, singer, sculptor or actor in the child to make her spread joy everywhere.


To ignite the spark of patriotism and make her the proud Daughter of Bharatha Matha

Creating Future

To transform her as the future asset of India by making her a great professional like administrator, politician, officer, businessman, lawyer, doctor, engineer, economist, writer, Saint, teacher, artist, scientist and enlightened being.

Back to Roots

To impart expertise in different frontiers of ancient Indian branches of knowledge and arts.

Holistic Approach

To make child the dearest of one and all by her holistic virtues.

Gurukulam is the doorway to Vishnugupta VishwaVidyapeetham

Vishnugupta VishwaVidyapeetham which is emerging in the lines of the Takshashila model . Gurukulam offers three unique opportunities which are not available elsewhere.

  1. The privilege of residing with and learning from great stalwarts in an exclusive environment of VishwaVidyapeetham.
  2. Exploring and nurturing the talents right from a student’s childhood in any of the Indian arts or any field of education.
  3. After completing education at Gurukulam, the student is provided with an exclusive opportunity to obtain mastery over any chosen art or field of knowledge and excel in the same to reach the highest level of accomplishment at Vishnugupta VishwaVidyapeetham.

Divine - Majestic - Natural - Magnificent Environment


The birth place of Sri Anjaneya- the humble servant of SriRama, a blessed disciple of Surya Deva, a supreme being of Omniscience. 


Serene and Splendid Ocean View


Holy Mountain Peak of  ShathaShringa


The holy abode of One and Only Atma-Linga, Sri Mahabaleshwara Deva of Gokarna.

Gurukulam Offers

  • Smart Class facility
  • Online classes by great teachers of the land
  • Skilled mentors to facilitate the study and personality development
  • Regular interactions with veterans, experts in the subjects
  • Classes – Exams – Degrees – as per the Karnataka state board
  • Preparing the students to effectively face competitive exams
  • Indoor and outdoor sports facility
  • Science and computer laboratory
  • Showcasing a panoramic view of the world of Indian Heritage
  • Sessions on creative arts by the exponents
  • Exposure to the art of Self Defense
  • A plethora of opportunities are there for the students who enroll at the young age to  gain mastery over multiple branches of knowledge, skills and abilities.

An exclusive opportunity to learn about the legends of the land who illuminated the pages of Ramayana, Mahabharata, Purana, and History by their great personalities from none other than Srimajjagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Sri Raghaveshwara Bharathi Mahaswamiji.