For the very survival of Bharat, for the revival of Ancient Indian Wisdom, for shaping the future generations of India, Sri Ramachandrapura Matha  initiates A unique institution for boys Sarvabhouma Gurukulam. 

Sarvabhouma Gurukulam is a Temple of Wisdom that serves as an educational centre as a prerequisite for higher education available at Vishnugupta VishwaVidyapeetham.

It provides Elementary, Secondary, and Pre University courses for boy students with an emphasis on Indian Ethos.
It is located in Gokarna, the only holy place in the world where the abode of Atma-Linga exists; Situated very close to the birth place of Sri Anjaneya.

  • There are schools in India that offer the best of modern education.
  • There are institutions that excel in the study of Vedas – Shastras.
  • There are also great educational institutions imparting Indian wisdom with modern education.
  • There are centers for students specializing in music, dance, painting and other fine arts.
  • There are systems that empower students with a variety of skills.

This is the only such institution that provides all at one centre and even more than that. Hence, Our land needs such a unique Gurukulam even though innumerable schools are there. In this background, Sri Ramachandrapura Matha initiatesSarvabhouma Gurukulam”.