• Molding the True Self of a student by sculpting him/her into a great human being, a true Bharatiya.
  • To preserve, promote and propagate family and societal values that contribute in evolving an ideal person, an ideal family, an ideal society and finally an ideal nation.
  • To shape the personality of a child through right samskaram, to make the gem of the home an embellishment to Mother India.
  • To impart expertise in different frontiers of ancient Indian branches of knowledge and arts.
  • To ignite the spark of patriotism and make him/her the proud Son/Daughter of Bharata Matha.
  • To equip the student with necessary competence to earn his/her livelihood and lead a comfortable life by providing appropriate contemporary education.
  • To discover the dancer, singer, sculptor or actor in the child to make him/her spread joy everywhere.
  • To transform the child into the future asset of India by making him/her a great professional like administrator, politician, officer, entrepreneur, lawyer, doctor, engineer, economist, writer, Saint, teacher, artist, scientist and enlightened being.
  • To make a child the dearest of one and all by his/her holistic virtues.