Rishi Yuga

  1. Rishi yuga education refers to the education of vedic period. Guru and Gurukulams were the center of this system. All knowledge seeking students used to stay in the Gurukulam premises. They impart education from Guru in all sorts of knowledge starting with skills related to livelihood to great philosophical knowledge.
  2. Krishna and Sudhama who were studied under the guidance of Sage Sandeepani in Sandeepani Ashrama are the one of the greatest examples of this educational system. Equality among the pupils were the highlights of the system. Every student is taught on multiple subjects based on their intelligence level and abilities.
  3. Gurukulams under Vihhnugupta VidyaPeetham have similar aspirations to provide greatest Indian knowledge to the students. As part of this multiple subjects have been offered to the students across different age groups. The teaching methodology of all these subjects are enriched by day today activities so that it is highly balanced with the contemporary regular studies prescribed by the authorities.
  4. The subjects taught are distributed across multiple indian knowledge system categories. Veda and vedangas are introduced to the students along with the necessary knowledge of Sanskrit. Stories of great Indian legends from Ramayana, Mahabharata, Purana are explained either orally or through different acts of song and dance.all these great people were great examples of living to duty “Dharma”.