Gurukulam Education

Gurukulam Education – A way of life

In Indian heritage, education is not just text – not just extracurricular activities!

Gurukulam is not a school; Gurukulam is not home!

In a way Gurukula is a mixture of both. The first civilization of the world was in India, and from that time on, the Gurukul system of education was in India. It was equally available to all. The need for such gurukula is very essential for the present time, Vishnu Gupta Vishwa Vidyapeetham is a great hope for the future. Indian education is a way of life. In Gurukula education there are extracurricular activities in addition to textual subjects and both have life education. Students in Gurukula receive one or more forms of life education starting from the Brahmi Muhurta till they sleep at night.

As a proverb says:

Kaka Cheshta Baka dhyanam Shwaana Nidra Tathaivacha |
Alpaahaari griha tyaagi | vidyaarthi panchalakshanam ||

काक चेष्टा, बको ध्यानं, स्वान निद्रा तथैव च ।
अल्पहारी, गृहत्यागी, विद्यार्थी पंच लक्षणं ॥

Kaaka Chesta” means “perseverance of a crow
Go on filling stones till you are able to get water.
Go on trying till you achieve what you desired for.

Bak Dhyanam” means “concentration of a swan
Have single focus so that you can catch the fish.
Have single focus so that you can learn knowledge.

Shwan Nindra” means “light sleeper like a dog
Take rest in naps, but be always alert.
Take rest in between studies, but never allow your mind to sleep.

Alpaahari” means “light eater
Lesser the food, more active you are; eat just enough to survive.

Grihtyagi” means “One who has left home or less less involved in home affairs
Don’t attach yourself attached to the home affairs, focus on learning.
We find these traits to spontaneously develop in students of Gurukul. It is noticeable that the virtues of coexistence grow and the vices diminish.

Emotion control and behavior control
In today’s time, children who grow up alone in their homes have no control over emotions or control. With Gurukula education imparts qualities such as cooperation, tolerance and sacrifice with classmates, the children become emotionally strong and acquire the virtues they need to survive in the external world.

Cohabitation is Natural Life
As students of different temperament and age group grow into classmates and create equal opportunity for all classes in Gurukul education, there is a mutual respect, love and big heartedness among the students. Cohabitation is a normal life for students here.

The development of personality from self-reliance
Students learn to be self-reliant by doing their daily chores. Greater awareness of cleanliness, food and water are developed in young age itself.

Comprehensive Education
The most important specialty of Gurukula is comprehensive education. Modern school education (New Age), introduction to the arts of Indian affairs and traditional learning, as well as moral and spiritual education, form a holistic personality of the student. That is why Gurukula education is a way of life.
Employment is not the goal of Indian education; Knowledge is the goal of Indian education. But those who have been educated in Gurukula are efficient enough to get a job or self-employment. Most importantly, they will find success in life.