Vision & Mission


Empowerment of students to shape themselves into responsible and enlightened citizens of our mother- Bharath, through propagation, preservation and promotion of ancient Bharatiya fields of wisdom.


  • Education to the students which is the fine blend of Ancient Indian fields of Knowledge with the contemporary education with teaching and learning.
  • Exploration and implementation of innovative endeavors that foster and support research and scholarship in ancient Bharatiya fields of wisdom.
  • Facilitating the continuation/ commencement of contemporary education of students and simultaneously, enabling them to acquire the Bharatiyate in their way of life. Providing education in the different fields of ‘Knowledge of Indian Origin’, along with their contemporary education.
  • Molding personality of the students by tending to their spiritual, physical, emotional, mental and intellectual development.
  • Training the students with earnest care, to imbibe in them desired level of competency in their concerned field, and also the ethical, social, and moral values in them.
  • Making learning environment in the Gurukulams congenial and unique, with the required physical amenities, and with the rich blend of members of Faculty enriched in academic rigor both for the Contemporary and the Ancient Indian education.